Daily Archives: October 21, 2013


We’re all in this together, aren’t we?

Tough question, but one we need to look at closely.  Consider each of the teams you are a member of.  Family, friends, co-workers, associates, etc.  Working together isn’t always easy, is it?   Are we prejudice, perhaps?  Prejudiced against race, religion, sex, sexual preference, body size, disability, body piercings or tattoos, etc., etc., etc.

Personalities may clash.  We are all different.  And we often find ourselves working “against” members of our own team because of those differences. Boy, this sure  doesn’t increase your team’s success rate, does it?  Some of us may even try to sabotage a team member’s  efforts without realizing it .  For example,  disagreeing simply to disagree.  Trying hard to prove a teammate wrong just because you don’t like them and don’t want them to be right.  Or  because YOU want to be “right” yourself.  This type of attitude only slows progress, thereby hindering your team’s success.  A team needs to work together in order to achieve success.  Oh, I absolutely love that word “SUCCESS!”

Is it important to like, or to be friends with teammates?  I used to think so, but now realize that it’s impossible to like or be friends with every single teammate on every single team I’m a member of.  And I have also learned that this is okay.  Shoot, I don’t ALWAYS “like” my husband and I don’t ALWAYS “like” my own children either, okay?  Then there will surely be days that I don’t like some of the other players on my different teams as well!  But, you know what?  We still have to work together.  Try to stay focused on the team’s objective and how to contribute the best of your own personal skills to facilitate enjoying  success together.  Oh yeah, I simply love that word…”SUCCESS!”  🙂

Life is difficult, folks.  Working together is difficult.  We are all who we are based on where we have been, simply seeking to survive, okay?  I truly believe that we all do the best we can given what we’ve got according to where we’re at.  NONE of us are at the exact same place, are we?  And there are so many different categories with many different places to be within each category, such as financial, religious, educational, marital, etc.  We are each at a different place along our own separate journey, managing our own plate of “stuff!”  🙂  This journey is “LIFE,” folks.  You get one life to live and you never know which day will be your last, so please…MAKE EACH DAY COUNT!!!  And add to the success of your teams by contributing the best of yourself daily.