Daily Archives: October 18, 2013


As I assumed the role of advice-giver and problem-solver at work , it became common knowledge that I was interested in developing a support group.  A support group for “LIFE.” This became quite comical as small groups of team members (co-workers) frequently held mini support groups (gossip sessions) regarding other people’s  “issues.”  Funny, but true.

Now, there’s just about every type of support group out there for about everything you can think of today.  I wanted a  group, however, that would be appropriate for anyone and everyone.  A support group for “LIFE” came to mind as I often referred to those “plates of crap” that we all carry around with us everywhere we go… every day…impacting everything we say and do.  Each plate is unique per individual.  Many of those plates are quite FULL.  And I truly believe that most of us are doing the best we can do, given what we’ve got, simply seeking to survive.  Could we do better?  Sure!  But that’s what life is all about, right?  Living to improve ourselves daily, according to God’s written  word.  Amen.

Co-workers soon branded this support group:  “Tissues For Issues,” and that name  stuck!  Things have died-down a bit at work since limiting  my role play as Sherriff Allen and not attempting to “fix” all of the problems anymore.  I do, however, infrequently assume this role either for “policing” the Rehab. Dept. or simply to get a laugh or two.  And yes, this role is still sooooo ME!  I even have a deputy who resides at the Nursing Home.  We make a pretty good team, Deputy Po-Po and Sheriff Allen.  🙂