Daily Archives: October 12, 2013


EVERYBODY tells “white lies,” right?  How about “bending the truth?”  Exaggerating?  Withholding information?  What about, down-right, lying?  When is this okay?  How much of this is okay?  Is it ever okay?  Boy, this reminds me of how I struggled with “Ethics” in college!!!  How do we know where to draw the line with anything?

Honesty.  When is it important?  Demanded?  Required?  Life is difficult.  Relationships are difficult, as well!  The value of each relationship determines the degree of honesty one applies to it.  Every individual has that “line” drawn in their mind and soul as to where “bending the truth” goes from being morally right to morally wrong.  This gets more difficult when we add in our own agendas, right?  Don’t we all add or delete “info” in an attempt to gain approval of our own opinion?  And how much “info” is, morally, acceptable to be added or deleted so that the opinion arrived at can be considered “valid?”

In general, honesty is important and there is absolutely no reason to lie.  Especially since people  tend to interpret what you have said differently than how you meant it ANYWAYS!  Thereby, turning your truth into a “mistruth,”  which can be… technically… referred to as a “LIE.”  Whew!!!   The difficulty of communication…adding more burdens to daily life!  EVERYDAY!!!

Honesty, folks.  That’s all we need.  How can anyone make a well-informed decision or opinion based on anything, what-so-ever?  Especially when equipped with only part, but not all, of the information pertaining to any particular subject?  I truly believe that NOBODY knows EVERYTHING about ANYTHING!!!  Therefore, does anyone’s opinion ever really matter?  Think about it,  our opinions are based on partial truths.  Perhaps we might feel differently had we known ALL of the pertinent information, right?  Now that’s an “eye-full!”  Get it?  “Mouth-full” when you say something, “eye-full” when you R-E-A-D something!  Sorry.  Just a bit of “ME” added in there.  Welcome to another part of my world, folks.  🙂

In general, I am talking about us everyday, regular folks.  I am not discussing politics, at all!  Politicians lie, right?  We all know that!  I find it interesting how they try to stand their ground on honesty with issues… INITIALLY!!!  Those politicians who have been there awhile, however, wouldn’t know the truth if it… you know what!!!  😉

I have said this before.  I will say it again…  “We are Americans.”  And America is the most giving nation in the world!  Helping those in need is what we do best.  Could things be better?  Could individuals do more?  Of course, but…THIS IS LIFE!!!  Full of imperfect people, therefore…LIFE IS NOT PERFECT!!!  It wasn’t meant to be.   The imperfections are what enable us to establish ourselves.  To choose “right” or “wrong.”  To “climb higher,” or to sink lower based on our individual beliefs.  We all get to choose, folks.  So, tell me… do you like the choices you are making?

Life is sooooo difficult, all by itself!  Try not to add to that difficulty by, purposefully, altering information during your conversations.  Try to be honest, folks.  One of my favorite sayings…”IT IS WHAT IT IS.”  No need to lie.  No need to withhold any details.  It is what it is!!!  Now, deal with it as necessary.  And move forward!  LIFE GOES ON…