Daily Archives: October 6, 2013


Can you imagine living in the same household where all of the occupants agreed on EVERYTHING?  From what to have for dinner to managing the household, and everything in between?  And what about the occupants of cities?  States?  Countries?  How about …THE WORLD?  I think we all can agree that life would be pretty boring if everyone agreed on everything, right?  We’ve all heard this a million times:  “Our differences are what make us unique!” OR…”Adversity is what makes us strong!”  OR, better yet…”The combination of our differences is what strengthens us as a whole!”  That last one was pretty good, huh?  I just came up with that while sitting here at the computer!!!  BAM!!! 

To think of all of the political conflicts right now…during our current Government “shut-down.”  Who’s to blame?  Who voted?  Guess who “didn’t” get to vote?  Blah, blah, blah!  Well, this is what I say…”WHATEVER!!!”  I mean, R-E-A-L-L-Y, folks!!!  OKAY…so I guess it’s safe to assume that we might… DISAGREE!!!  THIS IS HEALTHY!!!  But now we must combine our differences to STRENGTHEN, or solidify, the end product in such a way that appeases MOST American citizens.  And then it becomes a whole different ballgame in determining “which” American citizens are we appeasing?  Does this also include illegal immigrants? How about the children of illegal immigrants?   And on, and on, and on…

And then I must also consider the family “conflicts” that come into play.  WE ALL HAVE THEM.  And they’re dependent upon where we’re at in life combined with our own, unique, extenuating circumstances.  Marriage, alone, IS DIFFICULT!  This, generally, involves  2 individuals who often disagree, have miscommunications and misunderstandings that add to the day’s “difficulties.”  And how about if you add children to the equation?   So, so many responsibilities.  Not enough time.  And, certainly, NOT ENOUGH MONEY!  Stress, stress, and more stress!!!

Oh, and then what about those daily conflicts experienced with co-workers?  Neighbors?  How about friends?  Conflict can occur in any situation, at any time, with anybody.   We all have our own agenda.  Everyone has somewhere to be and something to do…that probably should have been done YESTERDAY!!!  This wears, heavily, on our tolerance of inconvenience, thereby increasing the likelihood of disagreements.  Whew!!!

Please stop and consider the complexity of living life, managing our “plates of crap” daily, AND…WORKING TOGETHER to achieve the greater good for all.  Wow!  Difficult, right?  Impossible?  NO!  Let us first agree to disagree.  This is healthy!  Just don’t give up.  The final outcome of every conflict should be, and could be, the combined effort of all those involved, thereby being resolved the only way possible.  NOT YOUR WAY.  Not MY WAY.   BUT OUR WAY!!!