Daily Archives: October 3, 2013


WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER, right???  Come on, folks…WE HAVE TO BE!!!  We live in the greatest country in the world, right?  LAND OF THE FREE.  HOME OF THE BRAVE.  RIGHT???  I refuse to believe any differently.  I LOVE AMERICA and what this great country stands for, but it appears that we are all losing sight of what made us so great in the beginning.  What it was that, originally, made people from all over the world dream of coming to America?  Think about that…what was it about this country that made so many people choose to migrate here?  Hhhmmm…think, Think, THINK…

Freedom?  Opportunity?  Having as much as you were willing to work for OR having as little as you chose to work for.  That is your choice here in America.  The more you do, the more you have.  The less you do, the less you have.  Easy, right?

People with dreams tend to work harder.  FACT!  Why is it that so many individuals have no motivation these days, or worse yet…they have no dream for their future?  What happened to dignity?  Self-pride? Self-respect? What happened to:  “When the goin’ gets tough, the tough get goin’?”

I must admit that I am saddened to see what has happened to the, once great, American Dream…You know, that dream you could achieve with hard work and perseverance?  The home, 2 cars, yearly vacations, a savings account, money put away for retirement, etc., etc., etc.  The American Dream used to be something that you worked hard for and were proud of what you had achieved.  When did the American Dream become something that was simply given to folks by the U.S. government?

Working together, folks.  This is one of my main themes.  Get it?  “Work”-ing together?  We need each other.  We need each other to share a sense of responsibility to contribute the best of ourselves DAILY to help improve the quality of everybody’s life.  That requires “GIVING” of oneself, not simply “TAKING” from others.

Work.  Get a job!  And I don’t care what that job is.  Just do SOMETHING!  Contribute something by entering the work field.  There’s something out there.  And when you’ve GOT NOTHING.ANYTHING is better!!!  EVEN if that means earning less money than the Government gives you.  Serious folks, our country is going under!  Putting something into the “pot” via taxes helps all of us more than taking from the “pot” via welfare.

As a young adult, suddenly disabled and unable to work after my car accident, I needed our government’s assistance to get back on my feet.   I now work in the medical field.  “HELPING” others during their medical crises as well as contributing to our country’s federal, state, and local taxing systems to benefit, yet, others in need.

There are definitely those individuals who are unable to work.  We understand that. We are Americans, folks.  The most giving country in the world to those in need. I believe every individual is proud of their efforts to support those in need.  However, there are a whole lot of people out there who could be doing more.  People who “COULD” work, but choose NOT to.  And people who could do more or give more, but don’t.   And I’m sure that “YOU” know who “YOU” are!!!

All I’m asking, folks, is for us to regain that American pride.  To:  “BE ALL THAT YOU CAN BE.”  Not only for yourself, but for your family.  For your community.  For your state.  FOR OUR COUNTRY.  FOR OUR WORLD!