Knowing how to interact appropriately with people depending on their specific personality traits will give you an added advantage.  Giving them what they need first increases the likelihood that they will give back what YOU want.  This doesn’t mean that you are always manipulating people.  It, first, indicates a genuine desire to acquire  positive outcomes for all involved.  Thereby indicating…YOU CARE and are willing to put more effort into those relationships in order for them to be most beneficial to those involved.  Simple, right?  This is what I refer to as “reading people.”  This is a skill which can greatly increase your success in various situations with people that occur throughout your day.

Group 1:  HAPPY PEOPLE:  We all know who these folks are.  Bubbly, optimistic, FUN, upbeat.  You know them, right?  These people are the BEST group of people to deal with, Period!  They are flexible, accommodating, slow to anger, and JUST PLAIN FUN!!!  Any method of approach will work with these folks.

Group 2:  Sad people:  This is another easy group of people to quickly identify.    At first glance, you can tell.  Facial expressions and body language give them away immediately.  Take an interest in these individuals, expressing concern and a willingness to lend an ear.  Your genuine caring attitude will solidify this relationship immediately.

Group 3:  Angry people:    I, generally, will approach these  individuals with a “KILL ‘EM WITH KINDNESS” attitude.  This may take some time to actually have a positive impact on your relationship with them.  YOU WILL, however, notice at some point, that  they are being nicer to you while still being mean-spirited to all others!

Now we will take a look at three additional subgroups, any of which can be paired with a group from above to accurately “READ PEOPLE.”

Subgroup A:  Perfectionistic people:  Very difficult to deal with.  They always want things to be done “RIGHT,” without any mistakes.  HELLO!!!  As humans, WE ALL MAKE MISTAKES!!!  These folks are never happy, because…NOTHING IS EVER PERFECT!  Put on your professional hat and behavior with these folks…AND…TREAD LIGHTLY!!!  Never confront or challenge, THEY WILL ALWAYS WIN!!!  These folks can prove that white is black when cornered.  Surrender, folks.  You will never win going up against these individuals.

Subgroup B:  Controlling people:  Very difficult, as well, to deal with.  They always want to be in charge.  To give orders.  They want things done THEIR WAY, or no way.  This gives them a feeling of being important.  Swallow your pride, allow these folks to assume  leadership roles if applicable.  These are the folks who will make sure that things get done.  Another controversial group, however.  You will not win any arguments with them, either!  They are always right, just ask them!!!

Subgroup C:  easy-going people:  Very agreeable followers.  They do not want to be in charge or to make decisions.  These folks just want to finish their day’s requirements with as little controversy as possible.

For the sake of discussion, the above groups and sub groups were identified to get us started.  As we all know, however, people can come in variations of any of those groups/subgroups listed above.  Many others  may also be identified. Study those people you have frequent contact with in order to interact more appropriately with them.  This will improve the quality of those interactions, thereby enabling more successful encounters.  Ah, I love that word… “SUCCESS!”

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  1. This is great stuff! Being able to recognize who people are and what makes them tick, helps us to communicate and understand them better. Thanks for sharing this Jill.

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