Hopefully, you have been able to take an objective look at your own personal “tendencies.”   If your tendencies are generally negative, then read, read, read…..positive, motivational material.  This truly helps.  Perhaps your life has been plagued by enough difficulties that you need additional help coping with, and understanding, or “making sense of it all.”  How do you know when you need additional help?  EASY!!!  If you are on a constant roller-coaster, going from one extreme to another, extreme happiness to intense anxiety, worry over “losing control,” then YOU NEED ADDITIONAL HELP!  And, what exactly, does seeking additional help involve?  Counseling and/or medication prescribed by a psychiatrist.  Both have helped me tremendously.

As many have already noted, I spoke very little of my life prior to that, life- saving, car accident I was involved in at age 22.  This is purposeful, folks.  I am not sure, yet, how to  present those years and the devastating impact they had on my life, forcing me to cope with life in ways that helped to shape me into the person I was becoming.  And I did not like that person AT ALL!  Thus, began my search to find “what was wrong with ME.”

Some of the symptoms presented by those “crazy” behaviors we, unknowingly, use as coping techniques can often resemble psychiatric diagnoses.  I, particularly, was “SURE” that I suffered from Bipolar Disorder, or Manic-Depressive Disorder.  Extreme elation one minute, followed by, generally, extreme anger or anxiety the next.  Sometimes, the anger or anxiety was replaced with extreme sadness.  None of these episodes, however, lasted longer than a day or so and my moods could flip so quickly, there was generally, no time to prepare for it.  After being convinced that I did not suffer from Bipolar Disorder,  I later became certain that I had early onset, Alzheimer’s Disease.  Oh, the uneasiness of living daily life knowing that something was wrong, but not knowing what!  I had a wonderful husband and two small children to be concerned about at this time.  And so…the search continued, trying to discover what was wrong with me..

This was a long, drawn out process, folks.  God, FINALLY, revealed my problems at the age of 43.  Oh, the ANGER!!!  I had lost all of those years…”the best years of my life,” or so I thought they SHOULD have been.  Most of my childhood, all of my teen years, my 20’s,  my 30’s and the first three years of my 40’s!!!  GONE!!!   ALL of those years were gone.  And I had lived ALL of them, emotionally unstable and UNHAPPY!

Folks, we all get one shot at life.  The majority of mine has been focused on finding what was wrong with me, rather than living or enjoying it.  My journey to finding complete happiness has been LONG!  And this time period included 20+ yrs of my actively searching for reasons to explain my instability or unhappiness. This is why I often encourage people to “make today count!”  Now is the time to address your issues, not tomorrow or later.   Every day of your life is so very precious, folks, and “NOW” never gets here if you keep putting it off until tomorrow!

LIFE IS GOOD!  MY GOD IS GREAT!!!  Finding that Higher Power to guide you through life is essential for me.  My God gives me strength and guidance to face all of life’s challenges or difficulties on a daily basis.  I do realize, however, that not all of you have found God, or that Higher Power to guide you.  This is why I do not speak, regularly, of my Faith.  It is my desire to touch the lives of as many people as possible, in a positive manner, without turning away ANYONE.  This is life, folks.  Extremely precious, but VERY DIFFICULT…FOR ALL OF US!!!  We are all members of our individual, everyday teams, YET, we are all a part of the same, larger scale teams:  TEAM USA  and TEAM WORLD.  My vision is VERY BIG, folks.  And hopefully, WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!!!  GO TEAM!!!  AND…MAKE TODAY COUNT!!!  🙂