Now, take a closer look at yourself…

Are you generally positive, or negative?  Optimistic or pessimistic?  Happy or sad/angry? And are you able to alter your reactions to situations?  If you are, then choose to be positive.  Always look for the good .  There is a positive side to EVERYTHING.  Can you find it?

I tend to believe that consistently edging toward the negative side indicates inner turmoil.  You have come to expect the worst in every situation.  Why?  Do you think you don’t deserve better?  Are you simply avoiding the pain of failure by expecting failure?  Good questions.  And they can go on and on.  But, looking closer…examine those specific, recurrent thoughts that enter your mind with each new situation/endeavor.  If you already know your negativity is due to inner turmoil than perhaps you should seek professional guidance.   Most likely, however, you struggle through daily life unaware of that inner turmoil.   Individuals can live their entire lives without REALLY knowing “WHY” their “issues” originated in the first place.  Many individuals do not realize that they even have issues.  Look for those answers to questions you may be afraid to find.  Finding them may set you free, enabling you to enjoy life to its fullest.

I have ALWAYS believed that everything happens for a reason.  We, as individuals, do things with purpose.  Otherwise, WHY DO THEM?  This includes our emotional reactions to various situations.  Do you respond negatively, or inappropriate??  Can you control this or not?  Uncontrollable, negative reactions to any situation indicates an unhealthy coping mechanism.  Anger in place of pain.  Not good folks. This is what allows people to find themselves in situations where they suddenly “snap” and cannot control their angry outburst.  Get the help you need, folks.  There is no shame in seeking help prior to allowing tragedy to occur.

And what about conflict?  Do you avoid it?  Do you face it?  Or do you CAUSE it?  Sometimes, conflict is fabricated by an individual, subconsciously, to allow a “release” of inner turmoil.  Do you ever feel “happy” anywhere?  Happy at home?  Happy at work?  Happy within yourself?  Chances are, YOU ARE NOT HAPPY ANYWHERE if you are not happy within yourself.

It is very difficult to take an objective look at our own, personal deficiencies, but they are there.  We are human and, thereby, imperfect.  Take a deeper look at your “tendencies” in behavior, first, and we will then discuss the appropriateness of approaches to other individuals based on their “tendencies.”