Daily Archives: August 25, 2013


Anyways, this is a TRUE story, folks and I decided to add it to show how we tend to take things too personally.  I often think about how ironic life can be.  Funny how I can “look back over my life” and see how the puzzle pieces have been fitting together…all along.

Anyways, I have this…fake…badge I used to carry around.  Fashioned  in a folding  carry case/holder thingy that I can do the fancy “flip your wrist” and it opens to display my, hand-drawn, photo  ID on one side with an authentic, dollar store sherriff’s badge on the other side!!!  I kid you not!  I REALLY HAVE THIS!!!  I have  had such fun with this at work…and out in the community… writing fake citations to folks for ridiculous things!   I take pride in reporting that I was self-elected AND…MY vote is the ONLY vote that counted during a secret election for this position!!!  🙂

All joking aside, I am currently stepping down from this position at work due to…complications.  Seems Sherriff Allen here, took the “title” a wee bit too seriously.  My direct supervisor once stated that, quote…I tend to “police the dept.!”  HA!  POLICE THE DEPT.!!!  Hey…I DO carry around this fake badge, don’t I?  I had to chuckle at this point.  And it was, sort of, true…if anyone had a problem…I TRIED TO FIX IT!!!  Bottom line, I don’t deal well with “complainers.”  Life is difficult enough already!!!   We don’t need problems like that at work.   If there’s a problem…then FIX IT!!!  We’re all adults, right?  So I busied myself at work with trying to “fix” problems that people didn’t REALLY want FIXED!!!  Some people just need to complain about “stuff.”  I guess this makes them feel…better?  I don’t know…

As my plans for this team-building/motivational speaking project began to take shape, I informed co-workers that I was no longer “policing the dept,” trying to fix everyone’s problems, in order to focus on MY DREAM.  This somehow turned into a HUGE “text”versation that got pretty heated!  I simply texted that I was not going to waste my time trying to fix problems that people don’t really want fixed.  They just want to complain!  Oopse, my co-worker immediately thought that I was talking about HER and HER complaining!  NOT AT ALL!!!  The texting argument ended with me saying something like this…”This is so FRUSTRATING!!!  It’s NOT about YOU!  THIS IS ABOUT ME!!!”

I just wanted to throw this cute little, true-life story in to help show how some of the things we get upset about are simply the result of misunderstandings that occur between teammates, REGULARLY.  I tend to OVER-COMMUNICATE with everybody for this exact reason.  People get sick of me saying the exact same thing, over and over, using different verbage, trying to ensure they understand what I am saying.  No matter what, however…people will still attach their own meaning to what you say, thereby…not really “getting” what you were trying to say AT ALL…

Please keep this in mind as you start each day out with good intentions…”bumps” in your daily conversations WILL occur, but they don’t have to “de-rail” your relationships.
Goodluck with this!!!  Oh yeah, and things are just fine at work…until the next misunderstanding!!!  🙂