I realize there are various religions and “higher Powers” for individuals.   Freedom of religion.  I respect everyone’s right to believe what they believe. For me, however, that higher power is God.   And belief that God sacrificed his only son, Jesus, to pay for the sins committed by all of us.  Oh yes, I believe.  I have been aware of His presence at various pivotal points in my life, since the age of 22.  If you will remember, this is the time period during which I began my life’s journey.  Searching for “ME.”

After the car accident, I no longer knew who I was, where I was going or EVEN…where I HAD been.  All of this having influence over the choices I made, the paths I chose, the person I was, the person I was on my way to becoming.

LIFE.  GOD.  Yep, Life is a journey.  And I have forfeited my desires to become who HE wants me to be. To go where HE wants me to go.   HE is in the driver’s seat.  I shall go where HE leads me.

Get it?  Teamwork?  Number one team?  Amen!!!