Sorry, a short pause here as both my face and heart enjoy THE BIGGEST SMILE EVER!!!  When misunderstandings occur at work that may imply selfishness or inconsideration, of or to, a staff member you will hear something like…”Yep, IT’S ALL ABOUT ME!” OR “I Know,” IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU!” as appropriate.  So, to my co-workers who might be reading   this…”YEP, IT’S ALL ABOUT ME!!!”  🙂

Okay now, moving on with “MORE ABOUT ME,”  I was living with my family in OH back  after the accident occurred which resulted in my suffering a traumatic brain injury as well as partial paralysis of my dominant arm.  MUCH, MUCH pain was involved after 3 weeks of coma due to both injuries.  The recovery process from where I was in 1986 to where I am today included a LONG, 3 month, acute care hospitalization; a 1  month admission at a rehab. center; many different therapies- both in-patient and out-patient; a community re-entry cognition program; driver’s ed/tng–AGAIN–YUCK; completion of a 2 yr. associate degree, completed in 3;  and re-locating to FL as part of my journey to “find myself.”

Blah, blah, blah…and suddenly here I am married with two children.  My husband and I have enjoyed every stage with our children, listening to and watching whatever was “IN.”  Two of those “IN” shows that I completely enjoyed included “Hannah Montana” and “High School Musical.”  Both have been an inspiration to my “mission” via the music utilized by each.  Specifically “The Climb” and “We’re All In This Together.”

It’s all fitting together, huh?  My faith and desire to prompt positive change through team commitment and working together have all been developing for awhile.  FOR THIS VERY PURPOSE!!!