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Hi!  My name is Jill D. Allen, wife and mother of two teenaged children.  My life growing up seemed pretty enviable from the outside looking in.  My parents were initially blessed with two sons.  The eldest expiring at age 4 with leukemia. As devastating as that was my parents went on to have 3 more children, all girls.   My father was a very intelligent man, enjoying  success as a Civil Engineer.  Providing very well for his family.   I guess I’d have to categorize us as upper-middle class.  All of our needs were met, and then some.  My father was a good “provider.”

I’d like to begin my story where I began “My Life Journey,” as I call it.  A.K.A., “My Spiritual Life Journey”.  This, for me, was at  age 22, after surviving a car accident that completely changed the course of my life.  A major car accident.  I suffered a traumatic brain injury and partial paralysis of my right arm.  I was no longer “ME”.  Thus began my conscious journey to find my “LOST” self!!!  I was “LOST,” folks, and Thank God, I began looking… for “ME,” along THIS… “My spiritual life journey”.  Amen.

Years of continued…struggling???  TO survive “LIFE”???  After surviving the car accident.  I spent years searching and searching for the medical diagnosis that would explain EVERYTHING!!!  Glimpses of the truth had been revealed, however, I absolutely REFUSED  to even  consider that “MY” life had been touched by such evil during childhood.  Yep, “LIFE” had sure been difficult.  I had chosen, however, to survive it by denying it.  God finally revealed the truth.  BAM!!!  I had, indeed, been molested as a child and “THIS”…was the missing puzzle piece of my life that would allow all those shattered pieces to begin fitting together…AFTER ALL THESE YEARS!!!  This… is “My Life Journey,” folks.  A.K.A.:  “My Spiritual Life Journey”.  Amen.

I have been married for almost 18 yrs. now to Christopher, my soul-mate.  We have two children, 16 yr. old Danielle and 14 yr. old Chase, as of Aug., 2013. Great kids.  We have truly been blessed.  Two dogs, 1 golden retriever and 1 black lab, complete our family.  Career wise, I chose to enter the medical field as a COTA, now possessing 23 yrs of experience, most of which has been treating  the elderly in Nursing Homes. LIFE IS GOOD!!!

Recent turmoil, EVERYWHERE, in every aspect of life has really, let’s say…”disturbed” me.  A riot breaking out during a Memorial Day celebration in Jacksonville, FL…what???  Are you serious!?!   Citizens rioting at a celebration to honor the great men and women who have sacrificed their lives, fighting for OUR freedom!!!  And 3 young women, rescued in OH after being held captive and tortured for years by some crazed man.  Oh, and then there were those devastating tornadoes, thereby resulting in death and destruction by the hand of Mother Nature!  Trying to manage my personal “plate of crap” on a daily basis.   Recent, let’s say…difficulties at work.  And on and on and on.  All occurring, BOOM, in what seemed like a rather short time period, during mid year,  2013!!!  STOP!!!  It’s ALL hitting me at once!!!  I can’t take ANY more…

Is this all leading to our end?  What can we do to turn things around?  I’m feeling a “NEED” to, at least, try to make a difference in this country…in this WORLD!!!  I’m asking that you please join me.  Perhaps, together, WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!   Ready to start the journey?  Here we go…

10 thoughts on “Introducing Me

  1. Hi Jill,
    I see you have some experience with God helping you along the way.
    May I ask if you are born-again into the family of God through the Blood of Jesus?

  2. It was a pleasure meeting you. Please let’s stay in touch and get together soon. I believe we can make a difference!

  3. I just want to say thank you for the team that helped me when I was recovering and when I met you Jill, I could see when one is a child of God, it is in their eyes, the way they carry themselves, and you displayed a desire to always want to grow in God’s word and have that intimate relationship that He wants us all to have with the Father. Our lives met then as I was in need of help, you all were there, working together as 1 team, unified as 1 team, and always carried a smile because inside you He lives!yiC

  4. Mrs. Allen,

    I have enjoyed reading your blog as I am a huge fan of team building. However, I have noticed a hypocritical pattern emerging. How can a person who claims to focus on positivity, faith, and teambuilding justify continuously blogging such negative and judgmental thoughts and comments about people being negative? Is this not the epitome of what you are complaining about?

    You claim to promote People Helping People- based off what I’ve read, you’ve done little to help but rather create more animoisty by judging the behavior of others. What gives you the right to do this? You often speak of other’s personal struggles and how you wish to help t hem- How can you claim to “help” others when you spend your time judging and criticizing their actions? What are your certifications, training, and/or licenses for diagnosing your peers?

    Lastly, you often voice your political and religious views, and express that your beliefs and choices are above others. In a world where you want to spread positivity and understanding, throwing stones and insults regarding very personal life choices of others is nothing but NEGATIVE. I pray for peace, tolerance, understanding and most of all…YOU.

  5. “I”…???…???…???…am a sinner. Your prayers are much appreciated. I have never meant to express that “MY” beliefs are above others. Mine are mine. Yours are yours. His = his. Hers = hers. I appear to have touched upon a nerve of yours. Please accept my apology. And please comment on the posts you find judgemental or hypocritical. I blog about every-day “LIFE”. My “LIFE”. My views. My opinions. God has created ALL of us with this in mind as a way of ensuring that ALL people have supporters on their “TEAMS”. NO MATTER WHAT. After all…Jesus died for EVERYONE. Even those people you do NOT agree with. God bless you, my friend. Cheers, Jill

  6. I too suffered a head trauma April 1965, and I am a 100% service connected disabled vet as a result of it. I went through many years of confusion, which led to drug addiction, and came to Jesus in the midst of my last attempt at suicide. It was 3:04 Pm August 12, 1983, (soon 34 years). Been proclaiming the Gospel to a lost and dying world ever since, and at 71, I’m looking forward to many more years serving him too. God bless you, and keep up the GOOD work!

  7. Thanks. I am so, So, SO honored to be your FB friend. Thanks so much for your selfless service to out GREAT country. God Bless YOU, my friend, and carry on…Keep fighting the GOOD fight as per His plan for you. JESUS LOVE YOU!!! And so do I!!! GO TEAM!!! WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!!! Cheers, Jill

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